PV and industrial inverters

Solar inverter
product Model brand
Summary of solar inverters - types and models Off-grid, On-grid, Hybrid, ESS, All-in-one

A short summary showing the types and modes of operation of the solar inverters we sell.

Off-Grid Inverter Omega - Delta

Omega PMS v4
Omega UP/UM
Omega UM v3
Omega UM v4
Omega UM v5
Omega X-Rack
Omega PRO
Omega PRO v2
Delta UM
Omega SPLIT Phase
Omega LV
Water Pump Omega
Solar Charge Controller Omega PWM

On-Grid Inverter Beta single phase - Three phase

Single Phase
Beta Mini (700-3600)4G
Beta 1P (2.5-6)K-4G
Three Phase
Beta 3P (10-15)K-4G
Beta 30K-5G
Beta (40-70)K
Beta (50-60)K-5G
Beta 80K-5G
Beta 100K-5G-PRO
Beta 125K-EHV-5G
Beta 215K-EHV-5G
Beta 255K-EHV-5G-Plus

Hybrid Inverter Beta RHI - Alpha WP

Beta RHI (3-5)K-48ES
Beta RHI 6K-48ES-5G
Beta RHI 3P (5-10)K
Beta RHI 3P (5-10)K v2
Alpha WP

Energy Storage Beta RAI 3K-48ES-5G Series

It allows us to attach a lithium battery to any self-consumption installation where we already have a grid inverter, in this way we can store surplus renewable energy for, later, when it is necessary to supply that energy to the loads from the battery.

All-in-One Systems GreenB + GreenH

All-in-One Battery 100K + Hybrid Inverter 50K

Safe & Reliable
• CATL LFP Battery Cell.
• Double Fire Suppression System Design.
• 1+1 Redundancy Design.

Simple & User-friendly
• Pre-installed in Factory for Easy Installation on Site.
• Integrated BMS/EMS, Suitable for Various Applications.
• Effortless Operation, Cloud Control.

Economical & Efficient
• Save Capex, Expanding as Required.
• Efficient and Energy-saving HVAC Design.

All-in-One Systems GreenE Series

Main features
• All-in-one.
• LFP battery, stable and safe.
• Modular design, plug and play.
• Quick installation: 30 min.
• Life of more than 10000 cycles.
• 10 years performance warranty.
• Cloud platform and mobile APP.
• Parallelizable.
• Built-in BMS.
• On&Off Grid system.

Thyristor inverter
product Model brand
Invertronic IGBT Invertronic IGBT

Benning Invertronic Inverter IGBT, single phase and 3-phase available from 10 to 120 KVA.  

High frecuency inverters
product Model brand
Invertronic modular Invertronic modular

Benning Invertronic three-phase modular Inverter for continuous use.  Each module has individual bypass and available with input voltage in 48 - 110 - 220 VDC.

Invertronic compact Invertronic COMPACT

Benning Invertronic single-phase modular Inverter for continuous use.  Each module has individual bypass and available with input voltage in 24, 48-60, 110, 220 VDC.

Customized Modular Inverters Norwatt Inverter

Customized modular inverter according to the requirements of each client.

Network coupling
product Model brand
Photovoltaic Inverter TLS

TLS photovoltaic inverter from 4,6 KW to 17 KW

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