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Services and maintenance

Here at Norwatt, we don´t only distribute products, instead, we provide solutions and offer value-added service. Following you can see the list of services available.  If your project has any special requirements not mentioned below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Assembly of equipmen####batteries

In accordance with your instructions, we are able to assemble batteries and/or equipment in the final location using standar####seismic racks and cabinets, as well as connect cells and equipment as necessary, including bypass systems.

Phone support for assembly and start-up

This is a standard service available with the supply of all our equipment and batteries, including:

  • Review with technicia####client regarding specifications and assembly needs
  • Search for options where conditions or design criteria vary
  • Detailed commissioning instructions
  • Instructions and protocol for SAT tests with the proprietor
  • Validation of SAT tests by the manufacturer

Plant assembly supervision

As a complement to the telephone attention during start-up (included as standard for all equipment supplied), we can also provide technicians to verify that the installation and its operating parameters are correct.


Once the equipment is situated in its final location and batteries installed, we are able to provide technicians who, after checking the installation, can start-up and certify that all operating parameters are being met.

Training courses

When taken in conjunction with assembly and start-up, we are generally able to offer a free-of-charge training course, including operating instructions for intended users, as well as maintenance advice for the appropriate technicians.


Annual maintenance contracts can be established, always taking into consideration the specific needs of the client.

Generally, these will be based on three options:

  • Preventive maintenance: Includes an annual visit where the complete system is reviewed, electronics and batteries cleaned and levels adjusted as necessary, controlled battery discharges and software Updates, if applicable. This revision will take place on a previously agreed date, with the possibility of remote maintenance where supporting equipment is available.  A report will be drawn up identifying any problems and remedial actions required.
  • Preventive maintenance plus corrective: As well as offering a yearly revision service, we can repair equipment in the event of a breakdown or incident.  This service includes the costs involved for transport and daily living allowances of technicians as well as replacement spare parts which have been previously quoted and accepted.  Of course, we always attempt to solve the problem in the shortest possible time or in the guaranteed time agreed.
  • Preventive maintenance plus corrective and parts: In addition to the above services, a complete service is possible which can include the replacement of batteries.  This service will be performed within the maximum response time as previously arranged.

All of the above-mentioned maintenance programmes may cause an untimely cut in supply, which is why we recommend stopping the installation or using bypass feeds.   

Where technically possible, we are able to temporarily install equipment to supply the plant during repair or maintenance.

Please be aware, that Norwatt does not, under any circumstances cut or restore voltage to installations (this must be carried out by the proprietors of the installation).  We cannot assume any responsibility during power cuts regarding work that third parties may be involved in.

Corrective maintenance

Carried out at the customer´s request, usually consisting of:

  • Telephone attention in order to solve the problem. The technician will ask that certain tests be performed in front of the equipment in order to analyze the state of the equipment.
  • Use of supporting equipment to connect to the factory server.
  • If necessary, a technician will travel (on an agreed date) to the installation to carry out repairs, anticipating and replacing damaged components in an attempt to solve the problem in a single intervention.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, Norwatt’s IMS (Integrated Management System) maintains a copy of the technical documentation, project details, electrical diagrams, material lists, quality certificates etc. of all equipment supplied, in order to facilitate future interventions as needed.  

Although carried out with maximum care, all the above-mentioned interventions may cause cuts in supply/service and for this reason, we recommend stopping the installation or using bypass feeds. If it is technically feasible, we can temporarily install back up systems that will service the plant during the repair or maintenance of existing equipment.

In particular, please be informed that Norwatt does not, under any circumstances, cut or restore voltage to the client´s installation (this must be carried out by the owners of the installation), and therefore, we cannot assume any responsibility for the risk involved with third-party work taking place at the time voltage is shut-off.


Using our own staff or subcontracting to specific manufacturers, we offer the following:

  • Attention to clients´ claims
  • Equipment documentation - Compilation of technical specifications, plans and commissioning parameters
  • Coordination with the manufacturer, where applicable
  • Quick response to clients´ questions
  • Coordination with the client for the shipment of parts, and/or provision of technicians, if applicable
  • Coordination with the client regarding issues with transport and Customs

Unless otherwise specified, all our warranties include parts and labour.  NOT included are travel costs, unless previously agreed with the customer.

Battery capacity tests

For performing tests we follow a protocol, as agreed with each client and generally consisting of:

  • Battery discharges at constant voltage and up to a predetermined value, with two measurements of each value, as well as of each cell in order to find low capacity or inverted cells. If required, using a constant current discharge, we can accurately assess the capacity of the battery at the time of the test.
  • Battery discharges on constant power resistors.
  • Controlled discharges on the installation in order to determine, in addition to the state of the batteries, the real autonomy.

These battery discharge tests are also able to evaluate:

  • Recharge parameters
  • Electrolyte levels
  • Connectors and connector covers
  • Cleaning
  • Working temperature
  • Ventilation
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