About us

Practical applications

Although our projects are as varied as our clients, following are the areas where we can best contribute our experience to serve your needs.

Do you need quality energy without interruptions?

Electricity companies, the iron and steel industry, sanitation facilities, data processing centres, the naval sector, transport and logistics centres and assembly plants...

EPC - Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Consult our advisory service regarding the installation of energy supply systems. We will work with you to provide detailed engineering designs, offer a quotation and of course, in the event of an order, control the manufacture, transport, installation, start-up, relevant testing and all after-sales service.

Do you need electric energy but lack access?

We have all sorts of solutions, tailored to your needs for mixed generation systems: solar + diesel + wind + hydraulics + reversible rectifiers and inverters using Lithium-ion batteries.

Problems with the quality of your electricity network?

We can offer you solutions if you are experiencing problems with interrupted power supply, micro-disconnections, harmonics, sags, dynamic voltage disturbances or frequency variations…

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