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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Norwatt, we take care to identify social needs and work with the appropriate organizations as a means to protect the environment, our surroundings and all we come into contact with through the daily running of our business.  Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies are clear in this regard.

Our commitment to clients and suppliers

Respect for ourselves, our colleagues, suppliers and clients obliges us to work with honesty, loyalty and transparency, which in turn, allows us to reach clear agreements so that all parties achieve the desired results.  

We pay particular attention to providing honest and accurate information through open communication, while scrupulously respecting the conditions of each Confidentiality Agreement.

Commitment to a positive working environment

Our policy of a continuous workday combined with flexible working hours allows Norwatt to support the family life of both workers and collaborators, in order to achieve a balance between professional and personal responsibilities.

Commitment to environmental sustainability

Based on our ongoing commitment to transparent communication, open dialogue and continuous improvement, Norwatt’s management has established an environmental policy in order to meet the latest regulatory requirements.  This policy is proactively shared with all concerned parties, including employees, suppliers and clients, either in perso####through the internet. Our policy is directly available to the general public on the Norwatt website.  

Here at Norwatt, we are always aware of limiting unnecessary energy consumption, recycling waste, reducing and controlling the use of non-renewable products, utilizing recyclable packaging and minimizing distances when transporting goods.  These are some of the steps we take to help minimize our environmental footprint on a daily basis. Further, we stay up-to-date with the latest technological innovations in order to promote sustainable energy models and a cleaner planet.

Norwatt has implemented Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 to this end.  Special attention is also given to compliance with the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures ISPM15.

Commitment to continuous improvement

In a constantly changing world, Norwatt is faced with daily challenges, some of which are addressed in the following ways:

  • Changing and reevaluating our management system (by updating programme and administrative procedures)
  • Ongoing staff training through specific courses
  • Acquisition of new tools that allow us to work better and provide our clients with more accurate and up-to-date information

Anti-discrimination commitment

Norwatt does not tolerat####apply discrimination based on race, religion or belief, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation or age.

Commitment to respecting the law

The business and professional activities of Norwatt are always conducted in strict compliance with current legislation in any country we deal with.

Commitment to occupational safety and health

Health and safety in the workplace are of fundamental importance to Norwatt, where we implement the following:

  • Courses in Labour Relations and Human Resources (RRLL)
  • ATEX courses for special needs training (Hazardous goods/areas)
  • Use of personal protective equipment adequate for specific situations (EPI/PPE)
  • Tools specific to the intended use

Commitment to society

Wherever possible, Norwatt contributes to the society in which we live by participating in training programmes and collaborating with institutions providing these services.

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