NiCd batteries
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Alcad Single Cell LCE/LBE MC/MB HC/HB

Alcad Single Cells are available in low rate discharge, medium and high performance types LCE/LBE, MC/MB, HC/HB and offer:

  • simple maintenance
  • 20+ years design life
  • wide temperature range operation
  • resistance to electrical abuse, shock and vibration
  • low life cycle cost
Alcad LD P - M P ranges (10Ah – 70Ah) LD P - M P ranges (10Ah – 70Ah)

LD P cells are designed for long discharge periods, typically 2 hours and longer.

M P cells are designed for medium discharge periods between 30 minutes and 3 hours.

Alcad Slim SIL / SIM

Slim batteries are especially suited for remote and/or decentralized locations where travel time and restricted access demand an optimized maintenance regime and guaranteed performance to ensure quality of service.

Alcad Solar Range PV

In remote outdoor installations, Alcad Solar is the natural choice for:

  • Photovoltaic applications
  • Stand-alone hybrid systems
  • Renewable energy applications
ALCAD Vantage Vantage VN

Alcad Vantage, Ultra-low maintenance batteries.

Alcad Vantex VTX1L / VTX1M

New Alcad NiCad battery maintenance-free solution with narrow DC voltage window

Choose this nickel cadmium battery range for stationary industrial back-up power applications, where it combines maintenance-free* operation and maximum reliability

Vantex nickel cadmium batteries are at the heart of power backup systems throughout the oil and gas exploration and production, utility and manufacturing industries.

Alcad XHP XHP NiCad battery range

High Power NiCad batteries - From 11 Ah to 320 Ah

Depend on rugged, high performance, fast recharging, cost saving, extremely reliable and long life XPH nickel cadmium batteries for vital engine starting and emergency back-up applications.

XHP Ni-Cd batteries are designed for applications such as vital UPS, engine starting and emergency back-up duties requiring guaranteed power in an instant.

Battery accessories
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Alcad Topping Up Complete topping-up equipment for Alcad Ni-Cd batteries

Alcad’s complete topping-up equipment consists of a filling pistol “cell topper” and a water containment unit connected by a flexible hose. The filling pistol, which has a flow rate of 8 litres/min., shuts off at the correct level when the appropriate spacer tube is used.

Battery racks Alcad Battery Rack

A wide range of rugged and modular battery racks meeting stringent specifications. Alcad offers a full and modular range of battery racks

  • Standard racks
  • Seismic racks (EQ)
  • Compact racks
Accessories Ni-Cd batteries Accessories Ni-Cd batteries

Installation and commissioning kits Suitable for industrial standby Ni-Cd batteries

Additional accessories

Spare parts for your batteries

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