Electrifying innovation changing the future of mobility

Electrifying innovation changing the future of mobility
04 Sep 2018

A few days ago I received the latest Power News from Benning (PowerNews_102018_Benning).  Based on my years of experience, I believe that they have taken a big step forward with their new equipment and applications.  For this reason, I have decided to share it on my blog.

Benning produces completely customized equipment, adapted to the needs of their clients with as-built documentation. 

While this requires that we specify, debate and search for various options prior to manufacture, it allows us to carry out installation and maintenance work with great precision.  This technical rigor and know-how gives Benning a wide understanding of the market and its needs and allows the characteristics of each project to be adapted and applied to future projects.

Norwatt takes advantage of this technical exactitude.  In fact, we have provided, with excellent results and client satisfaction, more than 120 Benning installations over the past 10 years, both AC and DC equipment in various sectors including iron and steel, mining, wind, photovoltaics, oil and gas, power plants and substations.

Thanks to the new equipment and applications presented in this article, Norwatt will be able to offer better solutions to our clients: all of us need to be more competitive in the end.

As an example, they have:

  1. Equipment for transportation of DC energy, which will allow us to offer transportation nets that are cheaper and more efficient. This is suitable for offshore equipment
  2. IABG Certification will allow anti-seismic power equipment to be offered, clearly defining the characteristics for clients.

We´ll be paying special attention to Benning´s future news in order to keep our clients Updated.  

Rodrigo Suárez Cueto

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