New Master Plant Controller

New Master Plant Controller
12 Nov 2018

(product page on LinkedIn where additional info and debates can be found)

Norwatt has reached an agreement with Ingenia Power Solutions (IPS) to supply a Master Plant Controller suitable for power generation plants and energy storage plants.

The system is capable of integrate any type of generation system in both grid-connected and isolated plants. Fully-configurable by the end user, which enables full independence for the different manufacturers.

Different generation systems (thermal, solar, wind power...) or storage (any battery technology) can be managed in a unified way. It also guarantees full synchronization and interoperability with the systems installed later, regardless of the model and manufacturer used.

MPC is a very flexible and configurable device. It can be fully customized to the plant needs (number and type of elements, topology, etc). The information shown is ment to serve just as a general reference.

MPC can handle up to 32768 words and connect to up to 240 devices. The distribution shown on the brochure represents one generalized option and can be adapted to different systems. The type of elements and the number of variables can be configured, making possible to include 7 or more power meters.

Battery chargers were not explicitly mentioned becaused we inlude them in what we named ESS PCS. For the sensors, the explanation above also applies. Their number and the amount of variables can be adapted to the project needs.

MPC cabinet is outdoor, with IP 65.

Rodrigo Suárez Cueto

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