CHAPTER 1 - Transporting batteries - condensation

CHAPTER 1 - Transporting batteries - condensation
12 Nov 2018

Transporting stationary batteries may cause problems which are often difficult to solve. We will analyze the most common problems that we can find (e.g. condesation), some more difficult to solve than others:

CHAPTER 1: Condensation

CHAPTER 2: Stacking

CHAPTER 3: Break

CHAPTER 4: Marks and labels

In this first chapter we will talk about transport condensation. Condensation is the least serious problem of the analyzed.


Sometimes, during battery transport, we can find boxes/pallets in bad conditions.

condensation problems

The sudden change in temperature may cause condensation during transport or storage.

As the temperature rises, the water contained in the electrolyte evaporates and the air will very quickly become saturated.

When warm air inside the box cools, the vapor, suspended as a gas, turns into water. The air has reached its “dew” point and condensation occurs, making the box and batteries wet.



Dry surface cells with any suitable textile material. Do not use air blowers or compressed air systems as packaging can be damaged. Once dry, follow this steps before start up:

  • Install the cells in the battery rack or cabinet supplied
  • Check that the electrolyte level is correct and the plates are not exposed to air (rarely).
  • If this happens, contact the manufacturer to avoid oxidation problems in the plates exposed. 
  • If not, refill with distilled water until it reaches the correct level.
  • Proceed to start up according to the manufacturer´s recommendations and following project manager instructions.
  • Packages can be discarded as they do not contain toxic or corrosive materials.

In short: As only water has been evaporated, we have to refill with distilled water until battery acid reaches level specified by the manufacturer. There are no delays in the start-up.

Rodrigo Suárez Cueto

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