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Electric vehicles charger
product Model brand
Charger Portable MF - EV 3.6 kW - POR / MF - EV 7.2 kW - POR

European Standard/AC EV Charger
Plug and charge, charging is so simple.
Master Power portable EV charger is specially designed for electric car owners to charge their car at home.

Charger Plug-5m MF - EV 001 - PLUG / MF - EV 002 - PLUG

Features: Line length can be customized 5 ####10 m, the color of the gun head is blue, orange, gray, green optional.

Innovativeness: Small size and streamline design, home use with intelligent App control.

Charger Wallbox MF - EV 7.2 kW - P1 MF - EV 7.2 kW - P2 MF - EV 7.2 kW - P3 MF - EV 7.2 kW - S1 MF - EV 7.2 kW - S2 MF - EV 7.2 kW - S3

Features and Innovativeness: Small size and streamline design, home use with intelligent app control. Wireless communication
(Bluetooth), smart charg####scheduled charge by app.
Intelligent Control: Wireless communication (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth), OCPP1.6 communication protocol with the backend, Smart charge or scheduled charge by app.

Smart DC Charger 60kW 120kW 150kW

Smart DC Charger is a configurable-multiple-outlet high-power charger which is suitable for CB####public areas. The product consists of human-machine interaction part, power module, internal control system, communication module and charging cable assembly.

News 2023 / EV Charger EV CA / EV CC

Recommended Sites
Movie theaters, museums, hotels, restaurants, department stores, malls, convenient stores, coffee shops, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, banks, parking space, roadside charging.

Frequency converter
product Model brand
Vacon NXS Vacon NXS

VACON® NXS is a compact AC drive in the power range of 0.37—560 kW and supply voltages of 208—690 V for heavy use in machines, buildings and all branches of industry.

Vacon NXP Vacon NXP

Vacon NXP is a premium air-cooled AC drive for use in all applications where reliability, robust performance, precision and power are required. These drives are available in the power range from 0.55 kW to 2,000 kW.

Master FC 400 Master MFC

Riello Master FC400 series static frequency converters are available from 30 to 125 kVA, with 50 or 60 Hz input and 400 Hz output. Thanks to high frequency IGBT technology and digital control, Master FC400 frequency converters are ideal for airport, military and naval applications.  

Converter CC/CC
product Model brand
DC/DC converter 3000 IDC DC/DC converter 3000 IDC

Benning Modular Converter for converting VDC.  Inputs from 24VDC to 220VDC and outputs from 12VDC to 220VDC available. 

Network quality
product Model brand
Voltage Stabilizers Vega, Antares, Orion y Sirius

Electromechanical voltage stabilizer for regulation by phase.  Completely configurable. Availability of different manufacturers and models depending on customer´s needs.

Energy plant
product Model brand
Power Box Power Box

Riello PowerBox Power Plant is a completely configurable power supply solution in a fully equipped container, including electrogen group, UPS, batteries and switching equipment.  Available from 200 to 500 KVA.  

Master Plan Controller - MPC MPC

The system is capable of integrate any type of generation system in both grid-connected and isolated plants. Fully-configurable by the end user, which enables full independence for the different manufacturers.

Different generation systems (thermal, solar, wind power...####storage (any battery technology) can be managed in a unified way. It also guarantees full synchronization and interoperability with the systems installed later, regardless of the model and manufacturer used.

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