Sonneschein PowerCycle Batteries

Sonneschein PowerCycle Batteries
28 nov 2019

These batteries are ideal for challenging, if not extreme,  climatic conditions (in particular for emerging markets in which power supply instability makes battery back-up crucial). The exceptional cycling performance and long life, as well as its resiliency and easy maintenance, make the batteries suitable for these extreme conditions.

They provide you with different benefits:

-They have a wide operating temperature range since they are able to perform in different extreme conditions, ranging from -40ºC to +55ºC

-Their cyclic performance is exceptional up to 1600 cycles 60% DoD.

-Advanced grid design is offered in order to achieve a longer life at high temperatures, up to 5 years at 40ºC in float operatio####20 years at 20ºC.

-They have a fast charging method which enables a higher availability than others.

-Lowest energy consumption and maintenance free are achieved with them.

-Their front terminal design with handles allows an easy installation and maintenance (not topping -up).

-Durable Polypropylene container.


Technical specifications of the battery:

-Designed in accordance with IEC 60896-21/-22

-Approved by Underwriter Laboratories (UL)

-Proof against deep discharge

-Trouble-free transport of operational blocks (no restrictions for rail, road, sea and air transportation)(IATA, DGR, clause A67)

-Made in Germany (Certificates:  ISO9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001)

-Nom voltage: 12V

-Capacity: 180 Ah C100.

-Nominal capacity: 165 Ah C10.

-Dimensions LxWxH: 568 x 128 x 320

For more information and discharge tables please contact


Rodrigo Suárez Cueto

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